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Learn the Spiritual Laws of PROSPERITY !

Inspired Living Daily

26 November 2010

In this issue :

1)Inspirational Quote of the Week
2)The Creativity Law of Prosperity
3)The Vacuum Law of Prosperity
4)The Tithing Law of Prosperity

Hello to All

It's a pleasure to bring you this regular Inspirational Newsletter
once again !

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Today I am focusing on the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. Recently
I have been following the work of someone called Randy Gage who
has made a twenty year study of Prosperity and has himself become
a multi millionaire earner in the field of Network/Multi Level

Randy has identified 7 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity as such :
1) Creativity; 2) Vacuum Law; 3) Tithing; 4) Circulation; 5)Imaging;
6) Faith; 7) Giving and Receiving.

I intend to discuss three of these here being Creativity, Vacuum and

Prosperity is everybody's birthright, I firmly believe that so I hope
this information will empower you to find the prosperity that you so
richly deserve. Enjoy ! If you would like to communicate with me at any
time please email :


Inspirational Quote of the Week

'Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, not just money and things.
Poverty is a way of living and thinking, not just a lack of money and
things.' Eric Butterworth.

The Creativity Law of Prosperity

Randy Gage an expert on Prosperity says there 'is no such thing as a
money problem' rather 'an ideas problem'.

He goes on to say that in any economic situation including a downturn
or recession then there are always people becoming wealthy. Randy says
that to become prosperous you must become a 'contrarian' in your thinking
ie adopt a different mindset than others and see opportunities where
people see only hurdles or obstacles.

In the following video Randy discusses the energy dynamics of creating
prosperity and indeed creating harmony and wealth in all areas of one's
life. He suggests 'all things are energy'. Randy says that prosperity
can be 'manifested from the ethers by the power of ideas, vision and

For the You Tube video on this please go here :


The Vacuum Law of Prosperity

What exactly is the Vacuum Law of Prosperity ?

Randy Gage suggests that when one's prosperity is stalled we need to ask
the question as to 'what we are holding on to that we should be releasing'?
The reason being that 'nature abhors a vacuum' and that the Universe
being inherently good wants to put harmony where there is chaos.

He suggests getting rid of things that are not serving us any longer
such as dysfunctional relationships or giving way old clothes or shoes
to charity if you want a new pair or closet of clothes.

So if you are struggling in any area of prosperity or manifesting
your innermost desires in any area of your life please consider
the fundamental question posed above.

For more on the Vacuum Law please go here :

The Tithing Law of Prosperity

The dynamic law of Tithing is the idea that you give back one tenth
of your earnings to the 'source of your spiritual nourishment.'

Randy Gage recounts how when he was broke and in huge debt having sold
all his furniture and sleeping on the floor he gave a dollar in
the basket of his local church and soon after got a refund cheque
from his electricity company !

He goes on to tell how he has paid one tenth of his income from that
time and his earnings have gone up every year since !

He also suggests where to give your tithe and how living by this
spiritual law and the others leads to greater prosperity.

For more on this fascinating subject go here :


Well folks I do hope you find this information on the Spiritual
Laws of Prosperity as fascinating as I do ?! I firmly believe that if you
apply these laws to your own life you will see great changes.

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PS I am off to South Africa soon for Christmas so at time of writing
I am unsure as to date of next Newsletter. May I take this early
opportunity to wish you the compliments of the Christmas season.

Until next time.


God Bless


Sunday, 26 September 2010

Inspired Living Daily Newsletter - 24/9/10

In his week's Newsletter, 3 Articles relating to achieving Personal and Professional Success with Neuro Linguistic Programming, Developing Unstoppable Confidence and Making Easy Friendship - A Powerful Combination !

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Are YOU Healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit ? (Newsletter 17/9/10)


17 September 2010

In this issue :

1)Inspirational Quote of the Week
2)Do you have a mentally healthy mind ?
3)Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
4)The link between spirituality and health
5)Inspiring story of 'Superman'

Welcome one and all

It's really great to have you here again this week for another lively
dose of inspiration. As ever, a particularly warm welcome to all my
new subscribers from wherever you are, thanks for being here ! If
you would like to drop me a line at any time with your comments,
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As you will know if you have been reading the newsletter in recent
weeks I have been looking at various themes and this week I have decided
to look at the mind-body-spirit link and the importance of all three
working in harmony and balance together !

We are in such an enlightened era these days in our common understanding
of the the ability of our minds to create both positive and
negative circumstances in our lives and indeed how negative thinking/
emotions can do such damage to our bodies. One statistic is
that an estimated 70% of visits to a doctor are stress related. That
is quite an astonishing figure I am sure you will agree ?

The good news is that there are lots of different methods and techniques
out there, many of which are natural in origin, which can help in balancing
the mind-body connection such as relaxation, meditation, yoga and an host
of others. As regards spirituality, no one really knows for sure how
spirituality is connected to health but the fact is undeniable that
it is. Certain spiritual practices such as prayer can contribute to
a sense of health and well being and a connection to something 'unseen'
and mystical ?!More on the mind-body-spirit connection in the articles
that follow.


Inspirational Quote of the Week

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This
is to have succeeded. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you have a mentally healthy mind ?

Dr Adam Cash in an article in suggests the following
ten steps as keys to good mental health :

1)Love yourself and accept yourself as you are;
2)Struggle to overcome, yet learn to let go;
3)Stay connected with other people and nurture relationships
4)Strive for freedom and self-determination;
5)Find your purpose and work towards your goals;
6)Find hope and maintain faith and have a "positivity bias";
7)Lend a helping hand with charitable activities;
8)Find flow by being deeply engrossed and focused on selected activities;
9)Enjoy beautiful things in life, including music and art;
10)Stay flexible. Be ready to change. It takes courage to change our ways.

Quite a menu I am sure you would agree, but some strong truths there !
Essentially, in my own mind, much of this is about self realisation, about
finding oneself and coming from a healthy place of one's own self worth
in connecting with people and the world in general. Having a healthy
mind means that one can function in society at a far more optimal level
than say someone diagnosed with a severe mental illness.

It is clear that much of the 'brokenness' we see in society today is
caused by 'broken minds' such that people exhibit negative patterns
of behaviour based on what their minds are conveying to them as truth.
People's conditioning in childhood leads them often to believe that
their horizons are limited by the expectations and 'realities of
life' imposed on them by parents or other important authority figures.

The mind is programmed from an early age and many people in adult
life have to reprogramme their minds and particularly their
subconscious minds if they are to achieve real success in life.

The article goes on to say :

'A Western conception of a mentally healthy mind is a person who
functions effectively as a human being, who continues to adapt favourably
to the environment, who has self-control and is alert to changes in
the environment. He or she responds to change effectively by avoiding
pain and finding pleasure, and finds ways to get greater resources,
knowledge, power, and tools for survival.'

OK well that may sound a bit deep and philosophical, but it essentially
means that we gauge our mental health by our ability to 'function
effectively' in the real world and adapt to change. It is often at times
of severe stress such as job loss or divorce or loss of a loved one
that our minds can come to breaking point if we are not careful. This
emphasises the importance of the mind-body-spirit link in that if
we can maintain certain routines at those times like exercise/good
nutrition or spiritual practices such as prayer or meditation then
the mental stress can be dealt with effectively. If we neglect any of
those then our system can go into breakdown mode just like a car that
hasn't been serviced with oil regularly.

For more on the subject of a Mentally Health Mind go here :

Health Mind, Healthy Body

A report by Anne Kelly in says :

'The Romans had a proverb, 'mens sana in corpore sano,' meaning
'a healthy mind in a healthy body'. Research worldwide, including in
the Department of Physiology, Trinity College Dublin, shows that the
Romans were really on to something. While we have known for a long
time that exercise can protect general health and wellbeing, it now
seems that exercise may help to preserve brain health also. For example,
fitness levels have been associated with maintenance of brain function
in age while physical activity has been linked with a reduced risk
of development of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.'

So this is probably quite commonly known information nowadays, namely
that one's physical health and optimal mental reasoning/brain functioning
are intimately linked. It is encouraging to believe that if we
maintain reasonable standards of fitness and physical activity we can
ward off degenerative brain conditions such as dementia and other
impairments of old age !

The mind-body link is such a powerful one.How many times have you
heard people say that if they give up a regular exercise regime they
become sluggish or lethargic ! And most often they are not really
talking about physically but more so mentally. We have gotten used
to seeing some of our great Western leaders going for their daily jog
or cycle ride or their game of golf. Bearing in mind that these people
are handling the pressures of high office, then they obviously realise
the benefits of regular exercise on their physiology and mental

Of course the healthy mind-body link is not just about the effects
of regular physical exercise but about good nutrition and an host of
beneficial supplements and additions people can bring to their diets.
There are huge global industries extolling the benefits of many
naturally occurring products such as aloe vera and many others.

It should also be borne in mind that the brain can need help as it can
get depleted of neurotransmitters like serotonin which play an
important role in how we feel each day. Many people experience pain,
stress, depression and anxiety associated with low serotonin levels.
Fortunately, there are plenty of natural ways we can boost our mood
by helping our body produce the right amount of serotonin. In this way
the health mind-body link can be maintained.

For more on how these natural ways to boost one's brain chemistry
go here :

The link between spirituality and health

If we accept the basic premise that the mind, body and spirit are
connected, then it is important to understand that one's 'spirituality'
can have a direct effect on developing and maintaining a healthy
body and mind. This relationship is symbiotic in that one thing feeds
off another and for the organism, in this case a human being, to be
healthy then there has to be a balance between all three.

Now for some people the issue of 'spirituality' is a confusing and
difficult one because they may link the word with an organised religion
and for that reason refuse to countenance any spiritual dimension to life
personally for them, or of the link between that an healthy mind-body-
spirit connection.

Even if a person has no spiritual identity through a formal religion
they may still be in touch with their spirituality in unconscious ways.

An article in says as follows :

'Spirituality is the way you find meaning, hope, comfort and inner
peace in your life. Many people find spirituality through religion.
Some find it through music, art or a connection with nature. Others
find it in their values and principles.'

As I am sure you will agree that is quite a broad definition of
spirituality but the important point there for me is in the word 'meaning'.
Finding meaning or purpose to one's life, which in essence is a
spiritual practice, contributes to one's well being in the sense that
everything then has a context in the order of things. Appreciating for
example nature in all its glory can lead to a sense of wonder and a
realisation that there is supreme order in the Universe and that everything
has a reason to be as it is.

The article in goes on to suggest a range of activities
to improve one's spiritual health with the emphasis on things that
give a person a sense of inner peace, comfort, strength, love and

For more on these go here :

Inspiring Story - The Irony of Superman

Christopher Reeve was known to millions as the star of the Superman
films. In 1995 he suffered a catastrophic equestrian accident which
not only ended his acting career but almost his life. He went from able
bodied to quadriplegic in an instant !

In his second book, "Nothing Is Impossible: Reflections on a New Life"
he reflects on the life transformation and his battle to accept his
new reality :

'Reeve emphasizes the importance of a positive mentality in the
connection which exists between mind and body. Easy? No, he never
portrays the inner work a disabled person must do as easy. His words
resonate as he reveals that fear and self-doubt which are born from
disability and setbacks in recovery can be more paralyzing than the
physical impairment itself. Frustrations, which seemingly build one
upon another, must be shattered by a never ending willingness to overcome.
Reeve also underscores the vital roles played by family, caregivers,
doctors, and therapists, as well as the faith and hope which must
pepper each of those relationships.'

For more on this amazing story go here :


Well folks that's it for another week ! I really hope you enjoyed today's
content as much as I did putting it together ! I will be on the
lookout once again for inspirational topics and themes in the next week.
Don't forget to email me in the meantime and to visit my fan page
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Have a great week, go for your goals and see you soon !

In the meantime,

God Bless and BE INSPIRED !


Friday, 10 September 2010

Do YOU Have a Burning Desire to Succeed ?

10 September 2010


In this issue :

1)Inspirational Quote of the Week !
2)The Desire to Succeed
3)Developing Discipline in the Quest for Success
4)How to become more Resilient
5)Inspirational Story of a man with a Burning Desire to succeed !

Well Hello One and ALL !

Happy to be back with you after last week's computer crash ! I trust
you have been moving forward in your life and job/business goals
in that time frame ? Before I forget a special WELCOME once again to
any NEW subscribers it is great to have you here ! I would love to
hear from you with any inspirational success, wealth and happiness
stories you may wish to share ! Email :

So this week I am looking once again at the issue of success and some
of the 'traits' that one may need to acquire if one wants to be successful
in life. I was inspired to write this because it is my experience and
that of others that to have REAL and LASTING success in life you need
to have or acquire a certain mental outlook and corresponding
personality traits in life ! About a year ago now I purchased a
financial trading programme called The Tenkei Trading Techniques by
a gentleman called Wilson Williams.

In that programme he outlined what he called 'Super Trader' traits ie
the traits that the most successful traders in the world adopt. These
are as follows : Acceptance of losses/losing; Confidence; Desire for
Success; Devotion; Discipline; Independence; Love and Passion (for your
business);Methodology; Patience and Resilience.

Today in this themed article I am going to look at three of those
'traits' namely Desire to Succeed, Discipline and Resilience !


Inspirational Quote of the Week

A strong passion for any object will ensure success, for the desire
of the end will point out the means.

Henry Hazlitt


Desire to Succeed

"The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full
potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal
excellence." Confucius China's most famous teacher, philosopher, and
political theorist, 551-479 BC)

So, as was stated by Confucius in his quote above, the 'desire to
succeed' is a necessary pre-requisite in the actual attainment of
all success in any venture in life. I mean would anybody seriously
suggest that an Olympic athlete with all the years of dedication,
training and discipline required to attain excellence in any sport
didn't have a burning desire to succeed ? No of course not ? Or that
Bill Gates didn't have a burning and unquenchable desire to achieve
the amazing global success he has with his Microsoft empire ? Again,
no !

The 'desire to succeed' is part of a wider package around the heading
of self motivation. Factors included in that will include self esteem;
desire to succeed; will power; mental stability; family; life goals;
daily activities and daily pleasures !

But......without desire an essential element to attaining success
will not be realised. I have spoken before about merely 'wanting'
something, well merely wanting success will not cut it, it has to be
the white hot of desire !

An article in Ezine Articles gives this positive definition of desire,
'The natural longing that is excited by the enjoyment or the thought
of any good, and impels to action or effort its continuance or
possession; an eager wish to obtain or enjoy.'

Desire is a powerful emotion as I am sure most of us know and if we
truly desire anything in our lives when we act on our desire we can
become unstoppable in the quest for the thing we most want or need !
Keep the passion alive and you will achieve your objectives no matter
what hurdles you face in life !

For more on the Burning Desire to Succeed go here :


Developing Discipline in the Quest for Success

A quote from an article in says this :

"Anyone who desires to accomplish something must develop the
self-discipline required to keep moving toward the goal through good
and hard times. Those who succeed have disciplined themselves to not
give up at every misfortune. They are not easily swayed by negatives
or temporary failure."

You know even writing a weekly newsletter like this takes discipline
to produce !? Just the act of sitting down and typing it, compiling
it at the same time each week, researching articles etc. As last
week shows in my computer failure one is going to be met with
'temporary' failures along the way but there is a bigger goal to serve
here and that is for me to inspire people to higher levels of success,
wealth and happiness !

So in my example we see here how discipline is often related to the
attainment of a specific goal in life ?!

The article in goes on to say :

'Possibilities open up to those who have disciplined themselves to
look out for opportunities. They seize them, nurture them until they
create their own reality.'

Can I ask if you have defined your goals in life today are you in the
process of executing a plan to bring your goals about ? Are you taking
steps every day to the attainment of your goals ? If not why not ?
This is the very act of self discipline that will ensure YOUR success.
It is something that has to be worked at and developed even when you
don't feel like it !

I mean most of us can be self disciplined enough to get up and go to
work for a weekly or monthly pay cheque so surely it should be possible
to develop enough discipline to follow through on our personal goals ?

Most famous men and women in history have stories relating to the
seemingly overwhelming obstacles thy have had to overcome in achieving
their goals and success and in developing the self discipline
to persist even in the most difficult of times.

The good news is that you can develop the self discipline needed if
you are able to identify strong motivating goals and take consistent
and persistent action toward attaining them !

For more on how to Create Self discipline for Success and Happiness
go here :

How to Become More Resilient (and Succeed !)

"Suppose you have tried and failed again and again," said the actress
Mary Pickford. "You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for
this thing that we call failure is not the falling down, but the
staying down."

What wise words those are ! We all have choices to make in life and
we CAN choose anything we want. You know I used to listen to people
who said things like you can 'choose to be happy' and scoff because
in my ignorance I didn't understand what I was being taught. But it
equally applies to the choice not to stay down after a heavy 'defeat',
a job loss, a divorce, serious illness, the loss of a loved one or
whatever !

But what exactly is resilience ? Resilience means essentially to
overcome adversity in the quest for personal success.

An article in says as follows :

'We are naturally resilient. We have the potential to bounce back from
setbacks, to get back up when we are knocked down by adversity. But,
if we don't use it, we lose that ability over time. And, when multiple
adversities stack up on us, we get rigid, less flexible, less able
to bounce back.'

This is so true you know. Have you ever noticed how naturally resilient
children can be ? Anybody who has watched a child learning to walk
will KNOW how resilient they are ! It is their natural
instinct to keep getting back up that eventually gives them the balance
and muscle tone they need to be able to walk for the rest of their
lives ! But as the article suggests resilience is something like developing
our muscles that we have to keep doing otherwise we can stay down
too long or even permanently ?!

The article in goes on to say :

"..... we can increase our ability to overcome adversity and to produce
awesome results--even in difficult circumstances. Learning to cope
successfully with failure and adversity can make us successful,
now, and in the future."

This is a very positive message. Now as someone who has had his own
share of 'down on the canvas' moments in life I can testify to the
fact that if you do not let that momentary loss/episode/defeat
stop you in your tracks, you can go on to be successful even using
what you have learned through that adversity to help and empower
not only yourself but other people !

So my advice today is don't ever quit, learn to be resilient, overcome
adversity, always get back up and take life on and you will eventually
achieve the success you so richly deserve !

For more on developing resilience go here :


A man with a Burning Desire to Succeed

In Napoloeon Hill's book 'Think and Grow Rich' in the chapter
on Desire, Hill recounts the pursuits of Edwin C Barnes.

He had nothing to offer apart from an inner burning desire to work
with Mr Thomas Edison. For those that do not know, Mr Edison was
successful entrepreneur who started the Edison Electric Light Company
and had the complete opposite lifestyle and financial status to Edwin
C Barnes at their first meeting. However Mr Barnes was so focused on
his goal, to partner with Mr.Edison, that he would not acknowledge
any barrier between him and Mr Edison. So this guy hitches a lift on
a train dressed in rags to make his way to meet Mr. Edison. Can you
imagine meeting a potential business partner that turned up looking
like a tramp?

Well the beauty is, Mr. Barnes had such a "Desire To Succeed" that he
pursued his goal and eventually did partner with Mr. Edison and became
a very wealthy man indeed. It is a classic rags to riches story.


Ok folks that's it once again from me this week. As I always say it
is a delight to hear from you :
Thanks to several people who have taken the time to email me recently saying
how much they appreciate the newsletter.

I will continue to scour the internet on your behalf this week for
more inspiration in the quest for greater success, more wealth,
better health and happiness !

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Until next time

God Bless !



Friday, 27 August 2010

Newsletter - 27/8/10 - Do You "Desire" Success Really ?


27 August 2010

In this issue :

1) Inspirational Quote of the Week
2) Success Secret - "Desire"
3) Success Secret - "Persistence"
4) Success Secret - "Subconscious Mind"
5) Inspiring story of a young man's business "start up"

A Warm Welcome once again to ALL my Subscribers !

And as ever, a particularly warm welcome to any NEW subscribers from
anywhere in the world, it's great to have you here ! I say this every
week because I mean it sincerely, I really want to hear from YOU. My
email is If there are any topics
or issues of an inspirational/motivational nature you would like me
to cover be sure to let me know !

So this week I thought I would take a look at the theme of "Success".
Now I firmly believe that we ALL have the seeds of amazing success
within us but, for whatever resaon, those seeds are not "watered" to
become a wonderful harvest of fulfilled hopes and dreams. This to me
is a waste of a God given potential. It seems that for some people
success comes easy and follows them all their lives, think
of Richard Branson or Bill Gates ? For others, they have both spectacular
successes and failures, yet again some people have modest successes
while some people go through life without any visible evidence of
success going from one problem to another!

So this got me thinking as to whether there are any "Secrets of Success"
and if so what are they. Well Napoleon Hill who wrote the classic
book "Think and Grow Rich" certainly believed that there were secrets
to getting rich and successful. In fact he identified 13 to be precise
as follows :Desire; Faith; Auto Suggestion; Specialised Knowledge;
Imagination; Organised Planning; Decision; Persistence; Mastermind;
Transmutation; Subconscious Mind; The Brain and Sixth Sense.

Today I am going to look at three of these being Desire, Persistence
and the Subconscious Mind.Enjoy !


Inspirational Quote of the Week

"No Man has a chance to enjoy Permanent Success until he begins to
look in a mirror for the real cause of his mistakes."

Napoleon Hill

Secret of Success - "Desire"

So a question for you. What is it that you want TODAY ? Do you "want" to be
successful, happy, healthy, rich, famous, attractive or whatever
you really "want".

Napoleon Hill identified as his first and primary motivation for
success as "Desire". And do you know what "Want" just doesn't get
anywhere near "Desire".

Let me explain it's simple really, if you say you "want" something
it is usually because on the other side of a "want" is a "lack".

Many people say they want success or riches or whatever but if you
examine what is going on at a subconscious level it is obvious
that the "wanting" is just wishful thinking. There is no passion
or excitement behind the wanted or hoped for thing or experience in
other words a lack of "desire".

Leslie Fieger is his ebook "Napoleon Hill's 13 Success Secrets Revealed"
says as follows :

"The sad truth about most people who claim to want success is that they
actually do not desire success.What they desire is comfort and security.
The path to real success often demands that you give up comfort and
security in order to gain rewards greater than mere creature comforts and
minor financial security. "

He goes on to say that for many years he "wanted" success and riches
but all the "wanting" in the world didn't get him what he wanted !
Describing how he made the breakthrough he says as follows :

"It was the burning passion of fervent desire that pushed me out of
my comfort zone of mediocrity and security and empowered me to achieve
real success. It was my desire that enabled me to get past the fear
of failure and get past the frustrations of obstacles to achieve the
success I had wanted for so many years".

So today I challenge you to ask youreself " Are you "wants" really
"desires" and what can you do to turn your wants into real desires ?"

Success Secret - Persistence

So another question for you today is how "persistent" are you or
are you prepared to be in your quest for success ? Have you had
a few setbacks or failures in life and decided to settle for a life
of struggle, mediocrity and complacency ?

Or somewhere deep in your soul and being do you still have a desire
to change your life and cirumstances ? Are you tired of the limiting
beliefs and bad habits that are holding you back ? Are you prepared to
"persist" until you succeed ?

Napoleon Hill himself said this :

" Persistence is an essential factor in transmuting desire into its
monetary equivalent."

He went on to explain that desire, otherwise known as passion,plus
the power of will (persistence) make an irresistible pair and almost
always end up producing wealth.

You know that is is clear that many many people give up on life and
on their dreams and goals far too early when in reality with a just
a little bit more desire and persistence they would have triumphed !
Just think of all those people who are now just tombstones in the
grave yard who with just an extra push could have achieved great
things for themselves and humanity !

Calvin Coolidge said this :

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will
not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius
will not;unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not;
the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination
alone are omnipotent."

Just remember a long attention span otherwise known as persistence
combined with determination is an attribute shared by all successful
people !

Success Secret - The Subconscious Mind

As I have said before in this newsletter people today are more
enlightened about the real "power of the mind" than I believe at any
prior time in human history !

You see it is clear that all success and failure reside in the mind
and only by learning to consciously create success in our minds will
we achieve the success most of us desire.

The problem is that most people don't understand that it is the
subconscious mind rather than the conscious mind where the
programming of the mind has to take place. Consciously we may say that
we desire success but buried deep in our subconscious mind are
programmes and patterns of perhaps failure that are sabotaging our
best efforts to conciously create what we desire.

Little do we realise until it is pointed out to us that it is our
subconscious mind that determines our beliefs, thoughts, actions
and therefore our results. The results we are experiencing in life
are a consequence of the working of the subconscious mind, this explains
why many people have litle success with affirmations or positive
statements. You may say aloud " I am successful" or" I am rich"
but if your subconscious mind is silently sabotaging your conscious
beliefs then the affirmations will not work !

The good news is that the subconscious mind can be programmed and controlled
by the concious mind.This can be done by the utilisation of
meditative techniques or even Emotional Freedom techniques
or again Subliminal Messaging !

If Napoleon Hill even at the time of writing his book sixty years
ago had an awareness of the impact of the subconscious mind on success
then there really is no excuse for any of us in the twenty first century
not to look into this. Once you realise that you have a limiting
belief or negative thought pattern then you really must do something
to address that if you desire to be successful.

For more on Napoleon Hill's 13 Success Secrees go here :


Inspiring story of business "start up" success

Philip Mossop may not be an household name. But this young man from
Burley in the UK had the desire to become his own boss !

Learn more about his motivation and what inspired him to open two businesses
in the space of six months ? Asked, "What would you have done differently
if you could go back?" he says, "Absolutely nothing: you learn as much
from your mistakes as your successes."

What a tremendous outlook and philosophy !

Well that just about wraps it up for another week ! I do hope and
trust that you have learnt something from the "secrets of success"
and Napoleon Hill's work. Now go out and apply what you have read and
learnt !

A special thank you to one of my subscribers "Thelma" this week for
all your kind comments on my work, I appreciate you ! I will be
looking for more Inspiration again in the next week scouring the
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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Men After Divorce

So if you are reading this article today you are probably a divorced man maybe just recently or a while ago ? So how has life been since your divorce, were you relieved and just happy to be out of a bad situation or are you still struggling ? If you have kids where do they live, sometimes with you, sometimes with your "ex", did you have to sell your family home to make a "proper division" of your assets and to pay your legal costs ? Are you on "good terms" with your ex or is communication still difficult ?

You know it's not fashionable, never has been for men, even in this "new man" era to talk about their feelings, it's just not the done thing for "macho" strong men to break down and cry in front of their mates even if they want to. No, men are more likely to go and drown their sorrows with a few too many drinks at the bar adding to their problems !

Let's face it divorce is unpleasant ! Even the most harmonious "it is best for all concerned" divorces leaves scars for both parties ! Men in particular are the most vulnerable for the already identified inability to share their feelings and confide in their peers for fear of looking "weak". But it is a sad fact that a number of men faced with losing everything they have worked hard for, their children, their homes and money flip ! Some commit suicide and others end up "broken" , alcoholics homeless and hopeless in the gutter !

Now this article isn't about creating a "Doomsday" scenario ! We all , men and women, have to move on in life after divorce and, especially if children are involved, do the best we can for them in the situation !

However it has to be acknowledged that most, if not all, men will experience a common list of emotional problems and other difficulties after divorce. This can range from depression, to feelings of resentment that eat away at you, to financial struggles based on the divorce division which affects your attitude to money, to a broken family with your children as victims of divorce, to problems believing you will ever find happiness again.

Also may be experienced painful memories about the past, doing poorly on your job,low self esteem and lack of confidence based on the rejection you may have experienced, problems in trusting and finding love again and feeling "emasculated" or less of a man !

These are common feelings and experiences of men after the divorce. The problem is if you get "stuck" there and not able to deal with these issues in a timely manner. The sad fact is that some men can get stuck in an hole so deep that even if they manage to dig themselves out the route back to happiness and success in life and relationships is a long and difficult one.

The aim for all people and indeed all men after divorce is to be "happily divorced", such that the divorce is not the final chapter in any divorced man's life. Just like the grieving process after a bereavement must come to an end so the "grieving" for a lost relationship must also come to an end.

The aim for men in particular after divorce is to reassert one's self belief that despite having a failed marriage does not mean that you "as a man" have failed and to reconnect with one's "inner knowing" that one is still a good man and, if there are children involved, a "good father."

Sadly some men fall by the wayside but that doesn't have to happen to you !If you can deal with your own "emotional turmoil" after divorce in as well adjusted a manner as possible, you can go on to lead a successful and happy life once more. However it is useful to be able to apply some techniques and mental strategies that will help numb the grief and emotional pain in finding the future once again.I have found a great resource that I would like to recommend today. This is from a gentleman himself who experienced the "negatives" of divorce before deciding to help his "fellow" man find a better way out. For more on this from a male "survivor" of divorce go here.

Monday, 23 August 2010

How to Persuade

What skill do ALL the most successful people in history possess ? Well it should be obvious that successful people have many highly effective skills but by far the most important is that of, wait for it, "Persuasion" !

The incredible power available to those who are able to persuade others has been know for centuries. As long ago as 400BC Greek philosopher Plato was famous for saying, "Persuasion is the key to power". The ability to persuade, and influence others brings great power to those that possess this ability.

'Wikipedia' the Free Encyclopedia says as follows : "Persuasion is a form of social influence. It is the process of guiding oneself or another toward the adoption of an idea, attitude, or action by rational and symbolic (though not always logical) means."

There are various methods of persuasion to be utilised including "Weapons of Influence"; "Relationship based Persuasion" and "Propoganda" !"

Under the "Weapons of Influence" category we have 6 identified types :

1)'Reciprocity' meaning essentially "one good turn deserves another " or people returning a favour;

2)'Commitment and consistency' meaning that once something has been agreed to in principle then people are more likely to follow through even if the goal posts subsequently change;

3)'Social proof' meaning that people are persuaded by what others are doing;

4)'Authority' meaning that people will follow leaders and authority figures even if asked to do objectionable acts eg in time of war;

5)'Liking'- people are more easily persuaded by people they like and this also pertains to being persuaded by physically attractive people;

6)'Scarcity'- people ae persuaded by lack or scarcity of a product or service.

Whilst the methods of persuasion are important in and of themselves, it is the abilty to personally "master" persuasion techniques and methods that is going to enable any person to achieve great success in their personal and professional lives.

For example it is proven that those who have well developed persuasion skills are able to negotiate a higher salary for themselves and indeed promotions in their job or career.

Having a highly persuasive personality will lead to increased opportunities in the business arena and increased sales. Being persuasive leads to greater success in dating and relationships and as a parent in influencing children to do your bidding. Or in getting people to listen to you and not ignore your ideas and suggestions.

So why is it that some people have highly developed persuasion skills and others can't even persuade themselves to do anything let alone others ? Are persuaders "born" or "made" and do you know "how to persuade" ?

Well it should be obvious from the above that it is possible to learn the skills of persuasion that others possess.The fact is that it has been discovered that those with an heightened abilty to persuade others to do their bidding have certain thinking or psychological "habits". In fact one "expert" who has studied persuasion for over twenty years has he believes identified "seven thinking habits" that highly effective persuaders utilise to their ultimate success.

If you feel that you would like to enhance your persuasion skills and learn how to persuade to ensure massive success in all areas of your life, then I believe that you can learn and apply these skills as taught by a best selling expert in this field. For more information on the 7 thinking habits of highly persuasive people go here.